YouTube Redesign Concept

Oct 3, 2015

About the project

Youtube is the most popular video-sharing site in the world. Around every 1-2 years it’s being slightly updated with new features and user interface overhauls. But mainly it stays the same.

I set myself a task to completely redesign it to improve the overall look and user experience.

Brand new, clean look

In my concept I tried to keep the same user experience, yet visually overhaul it. Video player, iconography, logotype, grid, everything was refreshed to make it more clean and up to date. In my opinion this is how it should have been from the very beginning.

The all-new player

People watch millions of Youtube videos everyday, so having an easy to understand video player is really important. In my concept I tried to make these player controls as simplified as possible. Nothing extra that could distract users. Just the things you need the most.

Logotype & colors

Youtube never changed their logo since they first launched in 2005. It’s been more than 10 years now. It’s time for a refresh!

  • #ABAEB4
  • #DE4646
  • #323232

Thanks for watching!

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